Los Diablos

Created and Written by Micah Wright
Illustrated by Taesoo Kim

This was originally a pitch for a Japanese animated show. Something which had NEVER been tried before: a serious Animated Western for adults with lots of spooky monsters and horrible things happening to good people, just the way the Japanese like it. Then their economy went to Hell and never returned. The animation studio went broke with the pilot half finished, the property reverted to us and we began pitching here in the United States.

You've never seen people stare at you strangely until the words "Western" and "Animation" come out of your mouth at the same time. It's an unfortunate carryover fom comic books that American Media Executives think of Animation as being "just for kids" - while at the same time American adults and teens with NO CHILDREN pay several hundreds of millions of dollars to see films like Shrek.

If you think that "Deadwood" is great, I'll do you one better... Deadwood with vampires, Frankenstein monsters, werewolves and zombies. C'mon... you know you want it...

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