I loved working on this show. Evidently people also loved watching it because I get a TON of email about it from people who stumble across this webpage.

I started on the show as the Writer's Assistant, moved up to Script Supervisor, wrote a few freelance episodes and was then hired to fill the staff position John Requa and Glenn Ficara vacated when they departed to write feature films ("Cats and Dogs," "Bad Santa," "Bad News Bears").

Finally, to put paid to a constant rumor I am asked about, yes, there are about three or four episodes of the fifth season which Nickelodeon never aired in the United States during the initial run. I don't know when they plan to air them, but I will say this, they've aired in Great Britain, France and Australia, so I imagine that they will eventually air here. I DON'T KNOW WHEN NICK WILL AIR THE MISSING EPISODES IN THE USA, SO PLEASE DON'T ASK ME. (update: I hear they're airing them NOW on Nicktoons TV, a channel which only shows Nickelodeon Cartoons -- catch it now on your digital cable).

Here is a list of the episodes which I wrote in the order I wrote them:

"The Omega Beaver" -- My first episode of the excellent Nickelodeon cartoon "the ANGRY BEAVERS." When Norbert disappears in a winter blizzard, Daggett becomes convinced that he's the last beaver on Earth! Barricading the dam, Dag prepares for the fiendish Holwer Leeches which "got" his brother.

"Spooky Spoots" -- One morning, the beavers wake up to realize that their dam is haunted... and they love it! Their new ghostly pals are the grooviest! Things get ugly though, when Norb and Dag get caught between crazy ol' Scientist #1 (and Pete) and the spooks they want to eliminate.

"Dag's List" -- Since Daggett can barely remember his own name, much less the names of the people who keep beating him up, Norb buys him the "Priorganizer" (a device to Prioritize and Organize his list of enemies). When everyone becomes afraid of Dag's sinister retribution, Norb manipulates their fear to his own financial advantage.

"The Yak In The Sack Gets Whacked" -- Dag and Norb take a trip through the Wubbulous World of Theodore Geisel as their home is invaded by a strange, stripe-hatted fellow who speaks all in rhyme. My homage to those wonderful Dr. Seuss cartoons of the 70's which helped warp my mind!

"Ugly Roomers" -- Norb wearies of sharing a room with Dag, so he builds his own, new room onto the dam, complete with hyperbaric sleeping chamber! Dag feels rejected and competes in the only manner he knows how... by building his own, BETTER, room. Uhm... made of garbage.

"Oh, Brother?" -- Because they are so different, Norb begins to suspect that he and Dag aren't really brothers! When two strangers appear, claiming to be the boys' true switched-at-birth siblings, Norb learns that true brotherhood comes when your brother loves you back.

"The Beavemaster" -- My first draft of this episode was a pastiche on the Tarzan myth... a logger is hit in the head by a falling tree, loses his memory and is adopted by Norb and Dag, eventually becoming "Tor, Lord of the Beavers!" Alas, this was never to be... when Mitch heard the name "Tor" he couldnt get Tor Johnson out of his head, so I rewrote the script, creating the big, fat Tor, Prince of the Hanna-Barbarians with his giant hammer made from the Tree of Woe who tries to smash the "furry demons" from the "bad place" for eleven minutes. I had to say "bad place" because I was not allowed to use the word "Hades" because Hades supposedly refers to Hell and that word pisses off uptight Christians living in Utah. I tried to point out that Hades predates the Christian Hell by about three thousand years but no one wanted to hear it. All in all, an interesting example of the collaborative nature of television writing.

"Damnesia" -- I finally got to use the amnesia bit from the lost version of The Beavemaster! A dam hits Norb on the head, giving him the rare beaver disease "Damnesia" which makes you forget everything except the definition of the word "Damnesia." Dag tries to help Norb remember who he used to be, but Norb eventually discovers that he doesn't like who he used to be. He becomes the all-new, all-better brother "Troy" who's all good, not bad, like the bad brother Norb. I love this episode, mostly because of Nick Bakay's inspired Freak-Out reading of Troy's lines, slurping every word and stretching vowel sounds out past Texarkana.

"All in the Colony" -- When a colony of Termites takes over the dam, Norb and Dag face an extinction-level crisis. The two brothers pull out all stops to kill the termites, eventually nuking the planet with a "fifty-beavaton sapular warhead" in order to save their dam. Now that I think about it, perhaps that is why Nickelodeon has never shown this episode. Equal parts Aliens, Predator and Angry Beavers.

"Muscular Beaver 5: Muscular Beaver No More" -- The final Muscular Beaver episode, where it is revealed that Norb takes Dag's little costume game far more seriously than ever realized. He even has a Baron Bad Beaver secret base and an army of Bad Goons to do his bidding! A fond farewell to a great series of episodes.

"The Poseidam Adventure" -- The dam turns upside down and fatal enemies Dag and Truckee must cooperate to save one another's lives. Mitch loved the original film and asked me to write this version.

"Tree Flockers" -- My last regular episode of the Angry Beavers series. Sadly, Nickelodeon eliminated an entire show from the series order, ending with number 64. This episode was never boarded or filmed. Want to read it? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SCRIPT you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free from www.adobe.com.

"Magnum Opus, aka The Beavers Rock Opera" -- Another episode which ended up cut. I wrote the second half of this half-hour special which was to follow the final episode. The executives at Nickelodeon cut one regular episode to make room for the "Magnum Opus" special, slicing "Tree Flockers" from the production schedule... then weeks later, they decided NOT to do the Magnum Opus, but DIDN'T REINSTATE TREE FLOCKERS! Noooooooooo!

As a going-away present for reading all of this, here's another Angry Beavers download... this is an audio clip from the REAL last episode of Angry Beavers, "Bye-Bye Beavers," where Norb receives a letter in the mail from Nickelodeon telling him that the show has been cancelled. Norb has to break the horrible truth to Dag that they are only cartoons. Nickelodeon hated this episode because it actually told the kids the truth: that the show was ending! Nick likes to just rerun their shows forever and pretend that they're still making new episodes and this show idea drove them up a wall! Now the funniest line in the episode is yours to enjoy in MP3 format: click here to download Cartoon Residuals.

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