Conspirators - My Publisher, the best Small-to-Medium Press company in the country. Fearless, Bold, and Honest. Publishers of "CENSORED 2004: The Top 25 Censored News Stories" yearly series of books which expose the bias and hidden agendas of the Corporate Media. They also publish several books by Professor Nancy Snow about Propaganda, including the very illuminating Information War and the exceedingly informative Propaganda Inc. -- if you're at all interested in the science and theory behind Propaganda, you can't do wrong with either of these books. - This is the webpage of Jay Lender, my film writing partner. - The website of John Muth, the man who did 99% of the work on this new site design.  All praise be to John Muth.  Go hire him to design YOU a site. - The WGA's webpage about the fight between themselves and Nickelodeon that myself and 30 other writers got caught in the middle of. It ended poorly, with Nickelodeon deciding to stop making almost all of their new animated shows and firing all of us (against Federal law, incidentally). Wheee! - Richard Luckett, the designer of agitproperties dot com was inspired by my posters and did some great O'Reilly Youth posters. FOX NEWS tried to sue him for trademark infringement. They lost, just like they lost with Al Franken. Why? Because they're just born Losers.

Propaganda - A great gallery of original propaganda and travel posters.  They were kind enough to allow me to use some of their originals to skewer and remix.  Oh, and they plugged me on Fox News at great risk to life and limb.

Comics Related - The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Without them watching our backs, this industry might go the way of the dodo. There's a lot of hillbillies in places like Florida and Oklahoma who still think comix is fer' kids and a lot of them are sherrifs and prosecutors. Won't you donate a few bucks to help stop these misguided hillbillies? - Jonah Weiland's page has more links than you can shake a stick at. Why, he practically invented comic book weblinks! - The official webpage of John Cassaday, brilliant artist and friend. John helped me break into comics. Go write him hate mail for that now. - Don't know him, never met him, think he's a great writer, find it freakish to discover that he's allergic to common household dust. Go mock him at his site! - The Superfriends... the demented deconstruction. This guy's site is hilarious, but not for the lily-livered or meek of heart. As an added bonus, he's got a hilarious page about stupid comic book characters which made me laugh out loud (that's kinda hard to do). - Rich Johnston's weekly rundown of all the backbiting and face clawing in comics is always worth a laugh. Just don't take it all at face value. - Publisher of the fine "Stormwatch: Team Achilles" comic. I'm not sure who writes that book, but man, it totally Rocks! - Just what it says... reviews of Comics Worth Reading!

Politics - Slate, the online political website comes about as close to my political bent as anyone could without being schizophenic. - The Onion. Who could live without it? This is a link to their incredible, spot-on coverage of the events of September 11th, 2001 (otherwise known as "Holy Fucking Shit: Attack on America"). This was a perfect response to both the horrifying evil of the terrorists and the stupid, inane media response. My favorite: "Hijackers Suprised to Find Selves In Hell" - Mother Jones magazine. A little left of my tastes, but they talk about things no one else is willing to talk about. Like serious campaign finance scandal. Check out the Mojo 500: America's top corporate political donors and what they stand to gain from their political contributions. - NOW with Bill Moyers. The closest to real news about real topics you're bound to find on television. - A friend's devastating National Public Radio skewering.

The Pulps

If you don't know what the pulps were, well, you need to click below.

http://ThePulp.Net/index.html - The Fantastic centralized study resource for Pulp fans and novices alike. - The 86th Floor. The best Doc Savage page going.

Oddball Stuff - The Cereal Box Archive. The best things about the site are (a) the pure delight of the classic 50s and 60s cereal box chacters' design work, and (b) weird deja vu feelings as you are taken backwards in time to your childhood.

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