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Business Cards
These are my business cards. I say "cards" in the plural sense because I have 32 different business cards, all based on the classic board game Monopoly. They express my revulsion with the One Entertainment Corporation which is currently forming (you know... AOLTimeWarnerViacomFoxNBCDisney). Click either card below for the full range of cards:

Desktop backdrops, anyone?

832x624 Desktop Images to thrill your friends with:

Shoot to Kill Purple! Seņor Big Pockets
We Work for the UN! Watch the Skies!
Eat Dirt, Scumbag! Stuck in the Middle!
A Friend In Need Lots of Dead People
Fight! RUN!
Death in the Family Suiciders!
Eat Lead, Scumbag! Citizen Soldier 1944
Citizen Soldier 2004 Merovingian 2004 
Vigilante Promo 1 Vigilante Promo!


KPFK Radio Interview
I recently was on KPFK/Pacifica Radio's nationwide network. Evidently reaction was very positive because they've rerun the interview several times and they plan to have me back in the future. Here's the interview in mp3 format.

Micah on "Democracy Now" with Amy Goodman

Profile here. Listen via Real Audio here.

Angry Beavers
Tree Flockers is a script which was never produced for silly political reasons. I'm making it available to all Angry Beavers fans because I like it. The "Network Slam" MP3 is a piece of pure comedy. Click on it to enjoy. Let's just say that the Network paid for this script to be written, recorded and storyboarded, only to discover at the last possible second that it makes fun of their stupidity. Haw. As if the fact that these lines of dialog made it past all of those stages doesn't prove their stupidity to begin with.

Network Slam.mp3
Tree Flockers Script.pdf

The Shadow
This is a series of 800x600 Desktop Images I made from covers to the old Shadow pulps. I downloaded many of the original covers from the excellent Highlights on the Shadow webpage. I downloaded some others from The Shadow Cover Collection webpage.

832x624 Desktop Images to thrill your friends with:

The Black Falcon (from 02/01/34) Black Hush (from 08/01/33)
Brothers of Doom (from 06/01/37) The Chinese Disks (from 11/01/34)
The Creeping Death (from 01/15/33) The Crime Cult (from 07/01/32)

The Crystal Buddha (from 01/01/38)

The Dark Death (from 02/15/35)
Dead Men Live (from 11/15/32) Death Clew (from 05/15/34)
Death's Premium (from 01/01/40) The Death Triangle (from 10/15/33)
The Four Signets (from 01/01/35) Gems of Doom (from 07/01/40)
The Golden Master (from 05/01/35) The Golden Pagoda (from 03/01/38)
The Time Master (from 07/15/38)

Gray Fist (from 02/15/34)

The Isle of Doubt (from 08/15/33) The Killer (from 11/01/33)
The Man Who Died Twice (from 09/15/40) The Murder Master (from 02/15/38)

Partners of Peril (from 11/01/36)

The Pooltex Tangle (from 10/01/37)
The Scent of Death (from 06/01/40) Ships of Doom (from 110/1/39)
The Third Shadow (from 03/15/36) The Time Master (from 04/01/41)
The Triple Trail (from 04/15/35) Vanished Treasure (from 10/15/38
The Voice of Death (from 02/15/40) The Voodoo Master (from 03/01/36)
The Wealth Seeker (from 01/15/34) The White Skulls (from 11/01/45)
The Man Who Died Twice (from 09/15/40)



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